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Ali’s weekly tip MFRC522 RC522 module

For a long time I wanted to play a bit with nfc cards at work there was a project with attendant tagging but it didn’t come our way , but it seemed interesting to play with it .

The cost of the module itself is simply extremly low varying from 0,73 euro cent to 1,79 euro cent , for that you get not only the module but also two different nfc tags . Looking at the price for a MFRC522 ic(> 2 euro) at farnell or mouser this cannot be an item with a high profit margin . I purchased it here .

On the website of NXP we can read that this component is not recommended for new designs , there is a new part suggested which is the MFRC630 , I may consider doing a board with that ic instead of my original plan to do a board with MFRC522.

I hooked the board up to a nucleo development board I had here and it took some time to get it working , especially the software was a challenge , I found an arduino library here and ported it to the STM32L152 board and after some time I managed to get it working , and I am able to read and write both tags that are delivered with the board .

Later on I will publish the software port I did but I want to do some more testing before I do a release . I also will release a git repo’s where you can find more of the software done for modules purchased @ali

1.Was the product working ?Yes
2.How long did it take to arrive ?60 days
3.Price paid at alie ?$1,20 us
4.Price in NL ?not know
5.Was it usefull to me ?Yes I used it
6.Do I still use it ?Yes I am still thinking about some applications although
7.To ali or not to Ali ?To ali but take into account the ic is not recommended for new designs
8.where to Ali ?Here

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