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Ali’s weekly tip STM32 sdk

I think by now most of you bought some stuff at Aliexpress , the Chinese webshop where you can buy almost everthing you can imagine for basically no money ….

Every week I will pick one item I bought and do a short review , was it word the money ? Was it usefull to me or did it dissapear directly in the trashcan ?

This week a small microcontroller development kit I bought .

The STM32F103C8 is a very versatile cortex M3 microcontroller with usb and quite some other perihperals . You can use it to make a wide range of prototypes, from drones to iot devices.

A microcontroller does not have a full featured operating system like Windows or Linux because it is mostly used in very simple applications where the overhead of an os is not needed or even not wanted .

To put the microcontroller to work you can write software for it in C or C++, ST has made most of their tools free. In the old days setting registers to initialise the processor was a true hell ,you had to do it bit for bit . Nowadays you can let the tools do it for you and with a couple of clicks you have all you need to get started .

To put this baby to work , I had to solder the pins and make a converter cable between my programmer(ST-Link V2) and the programming pins of board .

Also I downloaded :

I was able to do the things I needed , I used this device in a WIFI to serial converter . Development for the STM32 will be covered later more than enough on the blog so for now I will only give the final ALI judgement :

1.Was the product working ?Yes
2.How long did it take to arrive ?20 days
3.Price paid at alie ?$1,90 us
4.Price in NL ?$6,00
5.Was it usefull to me ?Yes I used it
6.Do I still use it ?No, the prototype failed in the end due to other reasons than the hardware
7.To ali or not to Ali ?To ali if no hurry , the price difference is big enough but again the waiting time is long
8.where to Ali ?Here

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