My year in music , 2017 as a playlist

Every year I discover new music , most music I quickly forget or I try to ignore for the rest of my life.

But there is also music that sticks in your mind , music that stays with you as a memory and that is mostly also associated with things that happened in your life .

A lot of new music I used to discover via the program “vrije geluiden” . Initially it was recorded at the “bimhuis” in Amsterdam which I passed every day on my way to work . The host of the program was this pretty funny guy called Melchior Huurdeman.

The VPRO has decided to change the format and to put a new host called Giovanca and they changed the location to Tivoli in Utrecht . I like Giovanca but there is too much talking now , interviews are too long , I liked Huurdemans style better , two or three questions and than this is my cd , you can buy it if you like my music but if not I don’t care … Also way too much world music …

But anyway it is still by far my most favorite music program. Another big inspiration for new music came from Jazz Radio, Goe vur in den Otto and of course sublime fm .

1,AJ Croce -> That’s me in the bar (Applicable to my life before I met my wife )

AJ Croce became my personal hero after listening to two of his cd’s which took an eternity to arrive

2.AJ Croce-> Trouble in mind 

3.Nir Felder-> Bandits 

Saw him performing in Bimhuis , a mellow version of the treble spankers

4.Urbanus en de fanfaar->Hittentit

Discovered them while looking for music of Fleddy Melculy

5.Fleddy Melculy->Den bus gemist 

I felt so often like this when I had to travel all the way to Sloterdijk for my work , although the original of Sepultura stays better , the text is funny .

6.Capella de la Torre-> Passa Mezzo

It reminded me a bit of my first “old music” cd I bought , het antwerps liedboek , the godfather of old music in the Netherlands died this year .

7.Blossom Dearie ->Boum 

Jazzradio played this song and it never bored me , I like it no I love it …. I see myself with a glass of good French wine sitting at an aire de repos surrounded by pink toilet paper , mattresses, old Citroen leftovers and still enjoying it .

8. Al Jarreau-> Roof Garden 

May he rest in peace , king of the background song

9.Ben Taylor -> World Are Made of Paper

Reminds me of a colleague

10.My blue van -> Gotta move  

Change of job and hopefully a lot of good things coming to me in 2018

11.Gino Vanelli -> People gotta move 

Change of Job

You can find my year in music here :






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