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Repair or throw away ?

I am the proud owner of a nice jbl Bluetooth headset (I believe it is the E40BT )and I noticed that sometimes there was no sound on the left side of the headphone , when I tapped a couple of times on the earpad it sometimes showed a little bit of life but after about 5 seconds it became silent again .

I looked for a new one but if I wanted to buy a similar one it would set me back about 75 euro , money that I want to save for a nice new computer or maybe a new nozzle for my 3d printer .

To repair this headphone you most likely need to be on the right side of the headphone as most of the main components are there , to open it you can follow those steps:

  • Take of ear pad
  • Take screws out from the speaker part
  • Gently push out the speaker

What you see than is a pcba with a Bluetooth module and some contact points, in my case 3 wires were loose and still made contact in some circumstances but in most cases they were loose. After heating up the soldering iron and soldering the wires , the headphone worked like new . Music from both sides !headset

Some consideration although :

  1. What I wonder is why do they use wires which barely have a good isolation on one side and normal isolated wires on the other ?
  2. The pcb is a little big , why not make it smaller ?

Time to close the housing and walk around with my fancy headset again ! . Take into account that when you are going to do those repairs , good material is half the work

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