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Freecad mini drone frame

My major home project at the moment is creating an opensource affordable mini-drone for which people can also 3d-print their own parts. To make a start with it I ordered some motors and propellers from aliexpress. The frame I plan to 3d print as the battery cover . The main issue with creating the frame is the balance between strength , size and the motors I have .

To design the frame I used freecad an opensource cad software program that runs on linux , windows and mac , the end result will be an stl which I load into craftware (the program I use as  slicer fo3dpicr my craftbot+ 3d printer). One thing I found out pretty quickly is that the frame needs to be printed with the highest quality because I made a lot of cutouts and this requires precision printing . The frame is not so easy to print and can fail sometimes, this is due to the fact that 3d printers have the tendency to clog..

The frame is designed to hold 4 motors and to hold a pcb with battery in the middle , some things I still need to do, are making cutouts for the wires and make sure the pcb can be mounted instead of glued .

At this moment my main worries are still about the weight and stability of the frame and the ability to print them fast in large numbers , for testing this frame is okay for now . I will share the freecad files so if anybody has some good additions they could make them and share .

The freecad files can be downloaded here.

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